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Nature Perfect Weddings

Would you like to have a wedding ceremony that's a little different from the others?  How about a ceremony outdoors?  Surrounded by Nature?  In the gorgeous, majestic, beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina?  How about taking a Llama trek at sunset to the top of a mountain, overlooking 3 states, where you and your wedding party will be served a delicious gourmet meal, cooked right in front of you. 


Or, how about getting married in front of a 60 foot, private waterfall, nestled in the woods at the end of a 1 mile hiking trail? 


Or, consider getting married on a pontoon boat in the middle of a 400 acre lake, surrounded by mountains on all sides. 

How about a wedding on Horseback?  Or on a hiking trail in a National Forest amongst tall oak and pine trees, mountain laurel and rhododendrons?

Want to get married in a Hot Air Balloon?  Or while white water rafting down a rushing river...  YOU decide what and where you want your wedding and I'll do my best to accommodate you.


Or perhaps you have a "Special" place already picked out, but your pastor can't/won't be able to meet the unusual adjustments necessary to accommodate your request.  Maybe you and your partner are avid sports fans and would love to get married in a stadium filled with all the other fans at half time...  You see, it really doesn't matter.  This will be YOUR wedding day. Do it WHERE you want.  Dress the way YOU want to. Do it the way YOU want to do it!!!


Want, or need, to get married as soon as possible but can't find a qualified or willing pastor?  Please consider Pastor David.  I will respect and understand your "special" needs... I have been performing Nature Perfect Weddings for over 3 years in the beautiful outdoors of the Western North Carolina mountains.  I am a legally Ordained Minister, and will perform weddings of ANY denomination, ANYWHERE in the state of North Carolina, both outdoors or indoors.  I will perform a ceremony to YOUR specifications, either VERY religious, SLIGHTLY religious, or NOT religious at all.  I am here for YOU!  Please look over this web site, and feel free to email or call me ANYTIME with your questions.  I will be happy to discuss your special needs to ensure YOU are happy with your Wedding Day.


And remember, this WILL be YOUR day...  Don't succumb to anyone else's desires for your wedding plans.  If YOU want your wedding to be different, it is YOUR decision.  After all, you want it to be PERFECT, don't you?



Call me at 1-828-835-3131 Anytime and I'll be happy to discuss your needs with you.  And of course, you are under NO obligation.


Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page and click on our "About Us" page for more information.


Also:  We now offer "WHITE DOVE RELEASE"...  This is a very beautiful and elegant display of Two or moreWhite Doves being released at the "exact" moment when the bride and groom say "I DO"!  This has become one of the most memorable events at outdoor weddings.  People talk about this beautiful, romantic symbol of love for years to come.. 

Please visit the following website:  (note* Do NOT put www at the beginning of the web adress)

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