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Reverend, David Mastifino has a unique perspective on marriage.  He believes, since each marriage is completely different from all the others, each wedding ceremony should be different from all the others, too!  Why settle for the same wedding ceremony, vows, reception and entertainment everyone else settles for?  Why not celebrate the beginning of your NEW life with a wedding that will signify EXACTLY what your looking for, namely, a marriage that is NOT the same as everyone else's!     


Would you like your wedding to be one which will be remembered because it was different, or one which will be "looped" into all the others that everyone attends?


Rev. David has a "young" mind-set...  He believes that your God wishes for you exactly what you wish for yourself and your spouse.  That's why he will perform a ceremony as YOU wish.  Rev. David makes NO judgment...  If you prefer to have a wedding which does not include mention of a supreme being, that's your call.  If you'd like a ceremony which is geared around YOUR belief system, and YOUR supreme being, (whatever that may be) that's also YOUR choice. 


And if you're a little short on funds, but still want your wedding to be "special", don't despair... Rev. David will be more than happy to discuss some very affordable options.


With regard to WHERE your wedding must be performed, that's up to you, too!  David believes that the memories you and your spouse will be remembering and sharing throughout your future years together should mean more to YOU than everyone else.  So, WHEREVER you'd like to get married is perfectly fine.  Want to get married on a

mountain at sunrise or sunset?  Want to get married on horseback? At the beach? In a canoe? A yacht?  Naked in the woods or a field?  In a hot air balloon?  On a train?

YOU name it!  No matter WHERE or HOW, Reverend David will do his very best to accommodate whatever YOU want.

All you need to do is call 1-828-835-3131 or email, at tell me what you have in mind.  Even if you're not yet certain of what you'd like to do, please don't hesitate to call.  I'll be very happy to hear your ideas, and give you some suggestions if you need any.  There's absolutely NO obligation or commitment. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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